Girl in the Library 4

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The conclusion to Ame Arare's four-part NTR tale is finally here! Will Aida prevail over the janitor in the end, or...?!
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You've been waiting, and it's finally here: the fourth entry in Ame Arare's Girl in the Library series, brought to you by J18 Publishing! Better steel your heart going in, because this is where everything ends!

Yukiha and Aida's date ends in horribly dissatisfying sex for Yukiha, who runs straight into the Janitor's waiting arms... but he isn't satisfied with just owning Yukiha's body. He wants her heart, too! And he's concocted a plan to get it: he'll make Yukiha betray Aida to his face! Will Yukiha go along with the Janitor's plans?! Can Aida possibly win Yukiha back to his side?!

J18 Publishing and Ame Arare are back at it again! This B5 size English edition is printed at the same high quality as the original doujinshi, but without an ounce of censorship. This is the best way for English speakers around the world to enjoy Ame Arare's doujinshi!

Size: B5
Pages: 44

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