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When two insatiable gyaru sluts are after your precious bodily fluids, what's a man to do?!
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Doujinshi artist Tamabon is busting down the door with their English-language debut in Mega Milkies: These Big-Tittied Gyaru Sluts Are Gonna Milk My Massive Cock Dry! The path of righteousness is the one that leads you to your 2D waifu, but journeymen beware: every twist and turn hides a gyaru waiting to turn you into a 3D sex-haver!

Saeki Takuo's a nerdy guy, a self-professed dweller at the bottom of the social ladder. He'd love nothing more than to spend time with his favorite mobage waifu... but the two class gyarus are about to change his plans! The dark-haired Sasamori Marina and the bob-cut blonde Yamada Miki can smell the virgin coming off Saeki, and they can't wait to pop his cherry! But once they get a glimpse of his massive cock, they want to do more than just tease him a bit: these two cock-hungry girls want him all to themselves!

J18 Publishing is proud to present Tamabon's first-ever English language doujinshi. This special release preserves the original formatting of the Japanese, presented in B5 size in eye-popping full color! This high-energy doujinshi is filled with 100% uncensored big-titty gyaru sex with a nerdy boy packing a massive cock, so hurry and get a copy while the getting's good!

Size: B5
Pages: 44

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SKU: J049