Degenerates: Mysterious Boys and Muscular Men 2

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Did Degenerates leave you wanting more femboys, more outdoor sex scenes, and more of Fido's bratty personality? Then it's a good thing we've got the sequel!
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Jairou returns to J18 Publishing with Degenerates: Mysterious Boys and Muscular Men 2! Domestic life seems to suit Fido and his newfound partner well, but the little brat gets frisky when he doesn't get his special walkies...

For a month, our muscled protagonist has come home to a warm meal cooked by a loving partner. It just so happens his partner is an adorable femboy runaway, who only asks one thing in return: prostate-pounding sex, whenever, wherever! When the two go out for a fun-filled day in town, Fido is already thinking about where they'll go to have sex later! A secluded alleyway for some sloppy toppy, a trainyard for some standing anal, and a shrine for some reverse cowgirl... the day's nowhere near close to over, but Fido's already planning out a happy ending!

Jairou and J18 Publishing are proud to present this special English edition of Degenerates: Mysterious Boys and Muscular Men 2! Every last bit of dialogue and SFX has been translated into English, and even the original B5 format is preserved to give you everything you loved about the original Japanese version… except now, you can appreciate Jairou's slutty femboys and their muscled partners without a single black bar of censorship! Maybe you could handle Fido for a night, but do you have what it takes to go another round...?

Pages: 36
Size: B5

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