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Arakure is bringing his catalog of netorare to J18 Publishing, starting with Laid Time Off! But as discerning readers may have picked out, this isn't exactly NTR; it's actually BSS, and if you're unfamiliar with the genre, you're about to get a crash course.

Kurata Koujirou is a 27-year old part-timer at a cafe. He doesn't have his own place, doesn't own a car… he just goes with the flow. So when the cute (and single) new hire Shirakawa Akane starts at the cafe with him, he's more than happy to spend time with his new coworker—and she enjoys his company as well. But Kurata isn't the only employee at this cafe: he works alongside Mishima Norikazu, a man who's younger, leaner, and not afraid to express exactly what he wants. When a typhoon blows in, Mishima offers to give Kurata and Shirakawa a lift home… and drops Kurata off first. But it's probably nothing, right? And Shirakawa just took a few days off work to rest, right? And Mishima's just in a good mood for no particular reason… right?

J18 Publishing and Arakure are proud to present the English translation of Laid Time Off and shine a spotlight onto the world of BSS: boku ga saki ni suki datta no ni, the pitiful cry of "But I liked her first!" This special English edition is a two-in-one collection, including the juicy details of exactly what Mishima got up to on that stormy night. Presented in the original B5 format, this release faithfully preserves everything there is to love about the Japanese release—and removes all that pesky censorship! You'd better pick up your copy today, because someone else might just beat you to the punch…

Size: B5
Pages: 64

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