'SUKI' My Sister 2 - Suki Maimai by Kantoku

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Genius artist Kantoku is back with his next "After School in the 5th Year" book, called SUKI My Sister volume 2, two not one but two cute sisters this time!
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The doujinshi, which is all gorgeous color, is 24 pages of amazing artwork of a fictional imouto, younger sister. Taking sisters out to the field for a nice picnic and drawing and painting. Accidentally walking in on them while they're changing. Catching a glimpse of their panties while they're studying. Catching a glimpse up a skirt when one sister kicks out at you for eating her yogurt.

circle 5-nen-me no Houkago
artist Kantoku
genre original

This doujinshi is newly restocked!

Pages: 24

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