Reverse Bunny Girl Costume - Otokonoko 2L

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Here's another fun otokonoko cosplay item that's great for your next private cosplay session!
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Tomatoes brings us a fun "reverse bunny girl" cosplay item for otokonoko cosplayers that lets you experience what it's like to be a "bunny girl"! This cosplay set is sized for "2L."

The cosplay set comes with everything you need to complete this cosplay. You get the top sleeve portion, a vinyl plastic bra piece, a collar with bow tie for your neck, sexy leggings, bikini panties, a puffy bunny tail, and a hairband that gives you cute bunny ears. It's great!

This is the perfect cosplay item for fans of otokonoko culture from Japan!

Illustration by Peshita.

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Bust Size: 79-93cm (31.1-36.6in)
Hip Size: 87-105cm (34.3-41.3in)
Size: Otokonoko 2L
Material: Polyester 90%, polyurethane 10%

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