The Art of IYAPAN English Edition - I Want You to Make a Disgusted Face and Show Me Your Underwear

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Do you get a thrill when a girl shows you her underwear while looking at you as if you were scum? Then this is the hentai artbook for you!
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Japanese artist 40hara (pronounced "Shimahara") has created an incredible achievement in his "Iyapan" doujinshi line, or I Want You to Make a Disgusted Face and Show Me Your Underwear, which featured gorgeous girls showing you their panties while looking at you with an expression of loathing that you'd ask to see their underwear. Now you can own the ultimate collection of 40hara's amazing work, with the art of Iyapan artbook published by J18.

The book features all the content from his first five doujinshi, with all related materials translated into English for your enjoyment, from information on each girl as she shows you her panties to the all-important data on them panties themselves, including panty stock, fabric material, and so on. The Art of Iyapan artbook is printed in Japan for maximum quality in perfect bound format, just like the best doujinshi. Featuring incredibly high-quality printing, each book is A4 in size, and has a total of 120 pages full of beautiful erotic material for you to enjoy.

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