Anus Master Box (5 Anal Toys Set)

Shipping from Japan
This is an amazing set of anal-themed sex toys from Japan, a great way for guys and girls to experiment with new things!
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About the product

Product Description

This is a set of five anal toys, made by Japanese manufacturer A-One and Love Connect. Inside the box you get

* An anal plug with a medium sized main shaft and "wings" to protect you
* An "enemagra," which is an anal toy designed to press against your prostate gland, stimulating it and allowing for "dry orgasms"
* A string of anal pearls (anal beads)
* A plastic syringe for applying lotion in dark places
* Special "anus lotion" which is great for butt play.

Please use common sense when inserting anything into your body. The manufacturer recommends that you always wash the toys carefully before use, including the included lotion syringe.

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