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After Ayato fails to satisfy his crush Kasumi, he gets a final chance to win her back… but if he fails, her new lover has friends who are more than happy to dispose of what little manhood Ayato has left.
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J18 and Satou Kuuki are back with the third and final installment in their family NTR series of doujinshi, Netorare Sister After Syndrome! After Ayato's pathetic performance in bed, he resigns himself to his crush Kasumi being stolen away by the tall, muscular Anjo… but Ayato's got one final chance to win her back! Can he pull off an upset and win back the girl of his dreams, or is Kasumi destined to be Anjo's forever?!

Ayato's been hard at work, training for one thing and one thing only: sexually satisfying Kasumi, his bodacious older cousin. If he can make her cum just a single time, he can win her back from Anjo, her current boyfriend—who's keeping Kasumi his girlfriend under threat of blackmail. But when the time finally comes for the big event, will Ayato be able to perform? Or will he lose Kasumi for good… and suffer the consequences of being made into a femboy boy-toy, as Kasumi gets fucked by a real man right before his eyes?! This doujinshi is called Netorare Sister, though… so you may already have an idea how the story ends.

J18 Publishing is proud to present Satou Kuuki's Netorare Sister After Syndrome in this special English edition. Presented in the original large-format A5 size, this release preserves everything there is to love about the original Japanese version… minus all that pesky censorship, of course. If you're a fan of NTR, this conclusion to Satou Kuuki's series is a must-have!

Pages: 28
Size: B5

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