FAITHFUL AND UNFAITHFUL (Translated + Uncensored Doujinshi)

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An incredible hentai doujinshi work by Urasuji Samurai, it's the story of unfaithfulness and revenge sex. A superbly detailed work, it's fully translated and 100% uncensored!
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Sasahara's world comes crashing down when he happens to see his girlfriend Riko kissing another man in public. Sasahara's friend, Mika, tries to console him during a night of drinking. They later realize that the man Riko was being unfaithful with was Mika's own boyfriend. After that, Mika learns that poor Sasahara is still a virgin. In the heat of the moment, she decides to break up with her boyfriend and try to make both feel good again, by taking Sasahara's virginity. A short tale of broken relationships, cheating, and the search for true love.

J18 has worked to license this directly with artist Urasuji Samurai so that we could help English-speaking readers all around the world enjoy their doujinshi, printed with the same quality as the original, but with no censorship.

We've even got an extra-special interview with the artist at the end for you!

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Pages: 48

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