Summer Affair 2

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Affairs are so easy to begin, and such difficult pleasures from which to tear oneself away...
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Kurosu Gatari returns to J18 Publishing for the continuation of his housewife NTR series with Summer Affair 2! Seto Yumiko's affair with two muscular college students has continued all summer long, but she's finally ready to end things with them... but are they ready to end things with her?

Neglected by her husband, Yumiko goes on a family trip alone with her son and gets conned into an affair with two virile, attractive college students... and continues to meet with them, enjoying all the pleasures her husband can't give her. But Yumiko's guilt is slowly building, a crushing weight upon her head, and after one particularly debauched session of sex... she breaks off the affair, swearing to do right by her family! But the two men she's been secretly seeing aren't inclined to let Yumiko slip through their fingers, and propose a challenge: she fucks them both one last time, at her home, in her marital bed, and if she stays conscious, she'll never have to see them again. Faced with the proposition of her husband finding out her infidelity, Yumiko is forced to accept...

J18 Publishing and Kurosu Gatari are proud to present you with this special English edition of Summer Affair 2! Printed in the original large-format B5 size, this fully-translated release features everything you loved about the Japanese version, but now without a single black bar of censorship. Summer may be short, but once you buy this doujinshi, you can enjoy all the time with Yumiko you like...

Size: B5
Pages: 100

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