Charming Body 1&2

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A gorgeous oversized full-color book from artists Xin and Obiwan, this two-for-one doujinshi explores the active and outdoorsy sex lives of four beautiful girls!
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This beautiful two-in-one, full-color doujinshi is presented by hit artist duo Xin and Obiwan and publisher J18! Get ready to take a tour through the outdoor sex lives of not one, not two, but four stunning girls!

In Charming Body 1, we meet Kasumi Kondo, Stella Orwell, Ayaka Oomura, and Yuri Kamijo! Each girl has four whole pages devoted just to her, plenty of time to appreciate each and every curve of their lovingly-drawn bodies.

But if you wish you could spend a little more time with them, Charming Body 2 gives an extra seven pages apiece to Stella and Yuri! Stella's got a thing for younger guys, and her boyfriend is a bona-fide shota type! On the other hand, Yuri's into older guys, maybe ones who are more of the gamer type...

J18 and circle Moehime Union are proud to present this special oversized, full-color English edition of Charming Body 1&2! Matching the same size and quality of the Japanese original, this 100% uncensored doujinshi lets you drool over Xin and Obiwan's gorgeous artwork the way it was meant to be seen.

Pages: 56
Size: A4

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