Your Big Sis is Doing a Fuck Toy Training Camp

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There's nothing like having a cute girlfriend who's practically family... or the betrayal when she turns into the swim team's cumdumpster.
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J18 Publishing is pleased to present Dokurosan's debut doujinshi,Your Big Sis is Doing a Fuck Toy Training Camp!Summer vacation has arrived, and with it comes the annual boy's swim team training camp... and the tradition of turning one of the female team assistants into their fuck toy.

Sasaki Shun's a first-year high schooler, but things are looking up for him he's made the leap from childhood friend to boyfriend with his crush Kashi Saki! Even better, their parents are on board with the whole relationship. She's a year older than him, and helps out with the boy's swim team... so she gets selected to tag along on this year's annual team training camp. Sure, she'll be sleeping under the same roof with lots of athletic high school swimmers and their college-age mentors, but there's a third-year from the girl's swim team coming too! The two of them will be fineit's not like they'll spend the trip punching the entire team's v-cards and getting railed all night long, right...?

J18 Publishing is happy to bring you this special English edition ofYour Big Sis is Doing a Fuck Toy Training Camp. Printed in the original B5 format and with every last bit of dialog and SFX translated, this release preserves everything you loved about the original Japanese version... except now, minus all that pesky censorship! There's nothing like a girl in a tight racing swimsuit to give you the motivation to win... or motivation to buy!

Size: B5
Pages: 48

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