TRADE OFF: My Desires For Your Dreams

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Many are prepared to sacrifice themselves for the people they care about, but few realize the real price they've agreed to pay.
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Artist Ohno Kanae and J18 Publishing are teaming up for an NTR spectacular in Trade Off: My Desires For Your Dreams! For connoisseurs of the dark, bitter flavors this genre has to offer, what could be better than a story where rather being stolen away, one's lover surrenders herself for her partner's sake?

Sakura is a student manager for her high school's baseball team. One of the players is her crush, Ide–a senior in his final season, but with an injury that might prevent him from playing. Of course, his coach would be happy to let him have this one last tournament with his team! That is, so long as Sakura's willing to make it worth his while. Sakura begrudgingly agrees, unable to stand the thought of refusing to help Ide… but will Sakura be able to reconcile her growing feelings for Ide with her willingness to give herself over to another man?

This fantastic addition to the netorare genre is the product of tight-knit collaboration between Ohno Kanae and J18 Publishing! Printed in large-format B5 size, this special English edition faithfully reproduces the quality of the original Japanese release–now without an ounce of censorship. If NTR is the flavor you crave, then we're serving it up hot and ready…

Size: B5
Pages: 68

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