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Back by popular demand: if you want to find out Muramata's secret, you'll have to open the book first!
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Don't tell anyone, but we think the lady on the cover is hiding somethingand here's your chance to find out what, since J18 Publishing is publishing Igumox's first English-language tankoubon, Muramata's Secret! But don't worry, we'll give you a hint it's nothing that won't lead to a happy ending.

Muramata's Secret is named for the eponymous Muramata herself, an office worker in her late twenties. She gets on well enough with her subordinates, but she's the closest with Kaji, a younger man in her department. So close, that one day she drops her guard around him just long enough to reveal... she's got a split tongue. But rather than fleeing in disgust, Kaji is intrigued and the two seize upon the moment to discover just how much fun two lovebirds can have with such a simple body modification!

Muramata's story lasts for three chapters, but there's another six waiting in this 224 page tank, and they all feature childhood friends falling for one another! How about stopping in for a bite in Haru From The Soba Shop, where part-timer Haru desperately tries to seize the owner's son Shou before his friends get him out of her reach? Why not spectate during Japanese archery practice in Carrot and Stick, Bow and String where club member Inukai loves teasing her boyfriend Shiba, but has to fend off a wave of jealousy when another girl seems to take a more immediate interest in him? Or you can listen to the clamor of a school marching band in MARCHING! where drum major Asuka makes a bet with trumpeter Keiichi if she goes commando at their last big performance, he'll have to do absolutely anything she says! There's something in one of these nine chapters for everyonewe guarantee!

J18 Publishing and Igumox are proud to present Muramata's Secret in this special English edition. Printed in the original A5 size, this English release preserves everything you loved about the original Japanese stories, with the only alteration being the removal of all that pesky censorship. Never before has Muramata's secret been laid so barenow's your chance to read all about it for yourself!

Pages: 224

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