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Beware the old man in a hentai universe where men fuck young.
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J18 Publishing is back with another NTR extravaganza from Arakure, this time in The Housewife and the NTR Onsen Vacation Anthology! When a young married woman helps plan a community vacation to a Japanese hot spring resort, she accompanies the president of her neighborhood association to examine the facilities beforehand… but little does she know, the president plans on taking advantage of more than just the public baths.

Yumiko is happily married to her husband Hiro, and the two of them are going on vacation soon: their whole neighborhood is going to rent out a traditional Japanese inn, complete with natural hot springs! She volunteers to inspect the inn beforehand with the elderly neighborhood association president and his wife, but it ends up just Yumiko and the president after his wife catches a cold. On their first night together, Yumiko has a bit too much to drink… and the president is more than happy to take advantage of their time together! As much as Yumiko knows she shouldn't, she finds herself enjoying the president's size and stamina—and unable to resist, her onsen inspection trip turns into one of onsen infidelity! The inspection eventually ends, and Yumiko is eager to return with her husband so they can enjoy some moments of marital intimacy… but the president isn't so eager to let her forget, and it may be harder than Yumiko thinks for her to stay away…

J18 Publishing is proud to collect Arakure's three NTR Onsen volumes and bundle them together into this special English anthology! Presented in the original B5 format and including the full-color pages from the Japanese version, this translated English edition preserves everything there is to love about the original release… of course, minus all that pesky censorship! Fans of NTR will fall in love with this compilation of Arakure's NTR work—better buy before someone steals them all away!

Pages: 152
Size: B5

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