Kidnapped and Confined

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What's the worst thing that could happen to you if you had a stalker?
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Artist Oomi Takeshi has partnered up with J18 Publishing to release their first-ever English-language doujinshi: Kidnapped and Confined. Be warned: this story is intense.

Umehara Aya is a high schooler with a secret admirer... but this is no ordinary boy with a crush. Aya's admirer is really a stalker, desperate for a life together with his one true love. He plasters his room with pictures of Aya, films her in secret, and even tapes a photo of her to his onahole. But when he learns Aya has a crush on another boy, he decides that Aya will be his... whether she wants to or not.

A collaborative effort between the circle Doushoku and J18 Publishing, this 40-page doujinshi is printed at the same high quality as the original Japanese release, but without any censorship.

Size: B5
Pages: 40

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