Saimin Seishidou - Misao Takamine

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Everyone loves the Saimin Seishidou ("Sexual Guidance Through Hypnotism") hentai series, and these official hentai toys make it even better! This is Misao Takamine MILF official onahole!
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Enjoy a new official hentai onahole from the Saimin Seishidou series. This toy lets you enjoy sex with Misao Takamine, a super sexy JK who is in need of some sexual guidance through hypnotism!

The onahole is great, simulating the secret hole of Misao, with large pussy lips and clitoris that you can spread to gain access to her sweet center. Inside the onahole, there are large grooves that will stroke you from all angles, which both feels great and also holds lotion, so everything is well-lubricates. You'll love this toy a lot!

Don't forget to pick up her official scented ero lotion!

This adult toy is newly restocked!

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