Saimin Seishidou - Yui Obata

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We love onaholes based on real hentai works, and this is a fun new series called the Saimon Sei Shidou or Hypnotism Sexual Guidance. This toy is the character Yui Obata.
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A great handy-sized onahole for any time you need a quick fap, this Saimin Sei Shidou onahole is an officially licensed toy, made by A-1 and adult anime maker Lune Pictures.

The toy simulates the vagina of Yui, an elegant girl who, with the power of hypnotism, gets fucked in front of her boyfriend. And you get to do the fucking! The interior of the toy features a long groove with dots and bumps that stimulate you as you move in and out of her virgin hole. This is the official hentai onahole we all need!

Made in Japan, starter lotion is included.

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