PUNIANAROID 5 -- Automatic Masturbation Technology

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The PUNIANAROID series of fully automatic onahole from PxPxP is amazing. Here's a new version that's even better, adding a heating function to the amazing list of features!
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Product Description

The PUNIANAROID 5 is a great new automatic masturbation aid that's incredible, with a suction system that removes air from the interior while you're inside it, creating the most amazing suction ever, along with a both a heating system (to re-create the feel of warmth inside for you), which actually jerks you off through rotating suction patterns you can control. The toy is rechargable via the included USB-C cable.

The controls allow you remove the air from the inside of the device for suction mode (long press on the top button). Long push the second button to stop the suction mode, or single press to rotate through the suction modes. The bottom button control power, sound mode as well as the heat mode.

The heat mode is programmed to turn off after 5 minutes automatically. To use the "voice mode" (which lets you hear the sexy voice of the PUNIANAROID), plug standard earphones into the device and listen. There are seven suction patterns, and seven vibration patterns to enjoy.

To clean, remove the soft interior onahole section, which can be pulled out for cleaning. The main unit is not washable, so please do not get it near water.

Starter lotion included in the box!

This adult toy is newly restocked!

(Ero Toy Top Staff Pick)

Length: 30cm (11.8in)
Weight: 900g (2lbs)

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