Elven Massage + Wakaba's First Customer

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After a long, hard day of questing, a traditional elven inn is the perfect remedy to soothe those aches, pains, and other tensions away!
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J18 Publishing is proud to present Kasei's English-language debut with Elven Massage + Wakaba's First Customer! Secluded deep within the mountains, there stands a traveler's inn staffed entirely by elves... and they'll see to the every need of any party that makes it to their door!

The questing life isn't for everybody, but it's the simple pleasures that make it worthwhile for our newbie warrior. Flush with reward money, he and his guild journey to a traditional inn administered by beautiful elf women and indulge in their services! Having never experienced elven hospitality before, our young warrior is tended to by Konoha: a beautiful young woman with green hair, pointed ears, and an ample bosom! Hot spring bathing and massages are part of the traditional inn experience, and here both involve a generous portion of tender elf sex! But there are other services offered by this inn, known to a select few and available only upon request... such as the opportunity to be an elf's first partner. Wakaba is one such youthful elf... and though her ministrations may be clumsy, she's eager to prove she can be a good attendant just like Konoha! It's no small wonder a stay at this inn is expensive as it is... but the services they offer are well worth the coin.

J18 Publishing and Kasei are pleased to bring you this special, two-in-one edition of Elven Massage + Wakaba's First Customer. Presented in the original large-format B5 size of the original, and with every last SFX and bit of dialog translated, this English release preserves everything you loved about reading the original Japanese version... and now, you can enjoy Kasei's adorable artwork without a single black bar of censorship! Around these elves, you can enjoy yourselves... so grab yourself a copy today!

Pages: 58
Size: B5

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