Osananajimi-chan Series Backside 2

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This is a great full color doujinshi with an original story about satisfying sex with a harem of three girls!
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Our hero MC-kun has three girls in his life a childhood friend who's in love with him, a gyaru who wants to date him, and a younger sister who's also sweet on him. Which girls should he choose?

In this volume, he does his best to make all three girls happy. Sex with his childhood friend while waiting for the rain to stop! A sexy encounter at the beach with GAL-chan! His busty younger sister who has to wake him up every morning, and doesn't want his morning wood to go to waste!

This is a full color doujin artbook in the standard doujinshi size format.

circle piyopoyo
artist piyopoyo
genre Original

This doujinshi is newly restocked!

Pages: 42

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