Lovely Big Girls -- Dekai Ai

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This is a great hentai manga by artist Tochamaru and Wani Magazine Comics
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The stories in this hentai manga are all about large girls and shorter, smaller males. Sometimes this is just a tall, muscular girl, and other times it's "straight Shota," with an older and more experienced girl hooking up with a younger guy.

The chapter list for this manga is

1. Ninja Do Your Best! (female ninja vs younger boy)
2. If There Is Love LOVE (a strong tanned waifu!)
3. I Can't Stop When I Start
4. Love Potion (science loving girl makes a love potion for her younger crush)
5. Kimi Ni Chu! (older girl a young shota)
6. First Time Cumming (another tanned waifu)
7. Nioitsuke (Demi-human girl with furry features)

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