Subspecies and Resonance

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This is an amazing hentai manga from Sankobun and GOT Comics about sex between demi-human races, including elves!
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This is an amazingly gorgeous hentai manga from artist Sankobun about sex between humans and demi-humans! In the stories, we meed several races of supernatural humans who exist to breed with humans, including a sexy elf prostitution story.

The chapter list for this manga is

1. Untitled
2. Sabotage On A Trip
3. Subspecies Tsuguhi Part 1 (elf sex)
4. Subspecies Tsuguhi Part 2 (elf sex)
5. Not A Mother And Child
6. I Don't Know Her Well
7. Two People Who Look So Much Alike
8. Inside Haruko-san
9. The Red Haired Girl And The School Of Magic

Pages: 176

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