*BEST HITS* Welcome to J-Cup Fuzoku Apartment -- RION (region 2)

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This is the best hits edition of RION's popular JAV title Welcome to J-Cup Fuzoku Apartment. 150 minutes, region 2 DVD.
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The world of the fuzoku (soap land) is a heaven of sexual services, where a beautiful woman not only washes your body from head to toe, but has a full menu of activities lined up to help men relax and walking away refreshed. Each soap lady, armed with the tricks of the trade, has her own specialty services that's sure to bring in repeat customers time and time again.

This DVD from S1 showcases the talent of top kyonyu idol RION as she gives you a full course of sexual pleasures that is sure to make you a return customer of hers - high class soap land sex, skillful handjobs and fellatio, paizuri sessions, and even the famed lotion and air mattress play all aimed at giving you 100% satisfaction! Enjoy this refreshing course time and time again with RION!

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