Doubles – Elder Sister and Younger Sister Hole -- Penetration Type

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The popular Doubles Sisters toy line from Enjoy Toys is back with two updated versions! This is the Doubles Elder Sister and Younger Sister "Penetration Type" (open-ended) version.
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Wouldn't it be great to have sex wit two twin sisters at once? The older sister's pussy will be larger and more used to sex, while the younger sister will be a virgin, ready for you to break her in. That's the concept behind the Doubles Sisters toy line, and you get two holes for dual use, depending on your mood!

This is the Penetration Type toy, with two "routes" that you can choose from, each of which is open at the end, allow your member to pop up from the other side if you go deep enough. This gives you "four" holes to work with, since there are two directions on each end you can push into!

(The main downside to open-ended onaholes is the potential for liquids to seep out the other end by accident, so be careful to wipe out the insides after each use.)

Made in Japan for maximum safety and quality, out of the company's proprietary "Mousse Skin" materials. Starter lotion is in the box.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

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Length: 15cm (5.9in)
Weight: 260g (0.6lbs)

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SKU: ET695