I Am Transferred To the Harem Workplace Where Are Full of Lewd Ladies

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Enjoy this erotic manga from new artist Shinkuu Tatsuya-kei and Mujin Comics about a very special company filled with OL stluts
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"I'm going to be eaten by my female office workers." That's the theme behind this hentai manga by new artist Shinkuu Tatsuya-kei, in his first-ever tankoubon manga release!

This is the story of a young man who gets transferred to a new company filled with sexy female OLs, or professional office workers. Since he's the only man in the company, they naturally enjoy stimulating him with their bodies, sucking his cock, and making him fuck them. It's the best work experience ever!

There are three long chapters making up the main story, plus there's one additional one-shot chapter.

Pages: 182

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