Flirting with Younger Sister 1/6 Figure Regular Edition

Pre-order Arrives June, 2024 Shipping from Japan
This is a new ecchi figure in 1/6th scale, featuring the imouto from Imouto to (Saimin de) Ichaicha Suru Hon. Produced by Eclipse Feather. This is the regular version.
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Preorder Arrives June, 2024

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Product Description

Imouto to (Saimin de) Ichaicha Suru Hon is a popular indies comic by artist karory featuring cute imoutos and hypnotism. The figure is based on the cover of volume one and it has several accessories such as alternative expression part, alternative hand parts, cat ears, cat tail, smartphone, liquid part, rabbit, and accessories. A wonderful new ero figure for fans. This is the regular version.

Height: 15cm (5.9in)

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