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Get ready for the best catgirl-themed onahole experience ever, thanks to this new Neko Musume Catgirl Pretty H toy from Tamatoys! This is the new "soft" edition.
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Part of the TamaPremium onahole line from Tamatoys (which shows the highest level of design quality by the company), this new catgirl themed toy is outstandinging because of the materials it's made with, as well as the internal design, which simulate soft "cat's teeth" that bit you softly while you're inside. The result is a highly stimulative onahole that will get you off faster than any other toy. The soft "teeth" also help lubricate things by storing lotion between the grooves.

The toy is rated as being 25 stars for stimulation, 25 stars for firmness, meaning a softer and more realistic experience, and 25 stars for tightness, making it great for larger customers. It's perfect!

Made in Japan for maximum quality and safety, in the Tamatoys factory, starter lotion is included in the box.

Great for customers wanting a larger onahole experience!

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