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J18 and Rig Pa are back with more cute catgirl doujinshi! The fare's not as furry this time around, but the laughs haven't gone away in The Catgirl and the Sysadmin—If you've got a thing for busty women on the smaller side, you've come to the right place!

Our protagonist works his fingers to the bone every day, and all he wants is a cute catgirl to cuddle him… but he gets a bit more than he bargained for when a catgirl call service sends over a petite girl in a frilly dress, stockings, and with absolutely titanic tits. She's not particularly feline, but she no less frisky for it! Once our MC signs the contract for her services, he'll end up getting his rocks off whether he wants to or not—she's calling the shots now, and maybe in a more voyeuristic way than he realizes…

J18 Publishing are proud to present The Catgirl and the Sysadmin in this special English edition! Printed in the original large-format B5 size, this release preserves everything there is to love about the original Japanese version—minus all that pesky censorship.

Pages: 28
Size: B5

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