Isekai Fuzoku Esthetic

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Enjoy this hentai manga about sexy elves working in a brothel, who are ready to serve you, Master! It's by artist Raita and Bavel Comics.
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Would you like to be reincarnated into a fantasy world with sexy elves at your beck and call? That's what you get in this awesome hentai work that includes a sexy tanned dark elf!

Ruri Matsushita was an esthetician who was involved in a traffic accident and found himself reborn in another world. Using her skills, she's able to set herself as a "goddess healer," using sex to heal many different magical creatures.

She later joins with a sexy dark elf and a catgirl to bring healing to even more magical creatures. She fucks everyone, guys, girls, including all manner of demi-humans, to bring sexual healing to all!

This ero manga is newly restocked!

Pages: 196

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