Gekishin!! Penis Training King MAX

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The world of adult toys from Japan just keeps getting better and better, as technology brings us new ways to manage stress. The Gekishin! Penis Training King MAX is the newest breakthrough!
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J-List customers love the high-tech masturbation toys that Japan offers, and now there's a new option the Gekishin! ("Extreme Shaking!") Penis Training King MAX, which is described as "high powered sporting onanie gear" on the box.

Here's how it works charge the device via the included USB cable. When ready to use it, remove the top cap, revealing the large open hole at the top. Press the Pump Mode button (the three lines pointing upward) to remove air from the device, then the Vibration Mode to start the internal motor moving, giving you an amazing masturbation experience. The Pump Mode will help enlarge your penis, while the Vibration Mode give you an amazing stress relief experience!

The vibration/suction device is separate from the soft onahole insert, which can be removed for maintenance. Never get water in or around the electronic device itself, though you can remove the interior onahole to wash easily.

The included USB cable is USB-C, and when the unit is fully charged it will blink red, meaning you should remove the plug. Keeping it plugged in for too long can shorten the battery's life. The unit should give you 3.5 hours of use on a full charge.

The maker recommends you use it with a condom for maximum safety, and that you always power the unit off after use. If you experience any pain in Pump Mode, discontinue use.

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Length: 20cm (7.9in)

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