AIV - NO.03 -- Advanced AI-Made Onahole

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Tamatoys' series of AI-designed onaholes continues, with an advanced algorithm being trained to create the most amazing sexual experience for men. This is the AIV 3.0 Artificial Intelligence Vagina!
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Enjoy the third version of the AIV -- Artificial Intelligence Vagina onahole from Tamatoys! The company used an AI algo trained on all their previous male stress products to create the ultimate solo sex experience!

The toy is amazing, with a series of horizontal grooves that pull you in from the front of the onahole, squeezing you lightly in the middle before giving you a large space to deposit your seed at the back. The series of deep grooves will stimulate the bottom of your member, while also holding lotion to keep everything nice and smooth.

The onahole is ranked as 25 stars for stimulation, meaning it won't over-stimulate you, 45 stars for firmness, and 35 stars for tightness, meaning a fun space to play in that's not too tight and not too loose.

The AIV No. 3 Advanced AI Onahole is made in Japan for maximum safety and quality, and starter lotion is included in the box. This toy is recommended for customers who need a larger onahole expereince!

Length: 16cm (6.3in)
Weight: 450g (01lbs)

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