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Don't mistake this for an artbook: four beautifully-illustrated romance stories lie within these pages!
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J18 Publishing is proud to partner up with Miyabi for their first-ever English doujinshi, Uniforms and More! This book is a showcase of Miyabi's distinctive art style and storytelling abilities, combining four vignettes into one complete book.

Inside these pages await the stories of Reina, Misaki and Wakana, Marina, and Hinata. Would you like to read about girl who can't control herself around her boyfriend? What about two girls who take their friendship to the next level? Or a girl who catches sudden feelings for her date? How about a girl who's looking for a third party to spice up her bedroom? With all the gorgeous uniform-clad girls in this book, there's a little something for everyone.

Thanks to Miyabi's partnership with J18 Publishing, you can buy their work physically for the first time ever! This high-quality B5 size physical edition is totally uncensored, and the ultimate way for fans of Miyabi to offer their support!

Size: B5
Pages: 28

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