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This is a variety pack containing four amazing TENGA UNI masturbators, which can be used by either men or women!
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The TENGA UNI is an amazing masturbation toy that either men or women can use! This is a variety pack containing all four different versions.

Here's how it works just like the TENGA EGG, this is a soft and stretchy sleeve that can be pulled down over a penis to create a wonderful go-anywhere stress-relief tool. Each gem-styled version gives you a different color and texture, allowing for lots of variety in your solo sex sessions. (Men should turn each toy inside-out before using.)

But best of all, women can use it too! Just put two fingers inside it and enjoy the totally unique feel of long, horizontal ridges, tiny diamond-shaped bumps, or other unique textures going inside your body, or sliding against your clitoris. It can also be stretched over a vibrator for a totally new solo sex experience.

Each TENGA UNI is a soft and flexible shape that can stretch anywhere you need it to, and you should get many uses out of each one. To clean, wipe with tissues or use one of the Onahole Maintenance Kits that J-List offers.

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