AIV - NO.05 -- Advanced AI-Made Onahole

Shipping from Japan
Tamatoys is back with another Advanced AI-Made Onahole, the AiV series, which promises a new level of pleasure!
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Tamatoys loves to take AI algorithms and train them using their hundreds of past products, to create the ultimate orgasmic experience for men. The newest AiV ("Artificial Intelligence Vagina") is here!

The toy features an amazingly comples interior, with deep ridges all throughout, which you can really feel as you slip inside. The ridges not only stimulate you to make you finish more quickly, but they hold lotion between them, ensuring that everything is perfectly lubricated for you every time!

The AiV No. 05 onahole is ranked as being 4/5 stars for stimulation, meaning it'll get you off quickly, 4/5 stars for firmness, so it's great for experienced onahole users, and 3/5 stars for tightness, so it's not too tight and not too loose.

This toy is made in Japan for maximum safety and quality. Starter lotion is included in the sealed box. It's also designed to reduce that "onahole factory smell."

Length: 17cm (6.7in)
Weight: 500g (1.1lbs)

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