Nakadashi OK Girl -- Chikan Namanaka Hole

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Sex with a girl on a crowded train, who's more than happy to let you nakadashi inside her and fill her with semen? That's the premise of this fun new offering!
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Here's a special item a fantasy onahole centered around the idea of a sex girl who likes getting molested by chikan (train perverts), and even lets them cum inside her during the daily commute. The toy is an interesting dual-layer construction that's got clear "crystal" material on one side, designed to stimulate your penis with hundreds of grooves, and a softer covering on the other half, which caresses your penis, too.

The girl has an official profile, too. Her name is Saki Tachibana, 156 cm high, born August 2 and her blood type is A. She's part of the tennis club and she's fond of white or light blue panties.

And you can come inside her any time you like during your morning train ride!

Made in Japan, for maximum safety and quality, lotion is included. Package illustration by Chloe.

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