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When you need the best personal ero lotion in the world, Japan has your back. Enjoy this new extra large bottle of special ASMR lotion!
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This is an extra large bottle of special ero lotion desned to make an extra-erotic wet "gucha gucha" sound when doing sexy things, either by yourself or with that special someone. It's great for recording sexy moments for streaming by ero Vtubers and more!

The bottle is positively huge, giving you 600 ml of high quality ero lotion for all kinds of sexy tasks. To use, open the secure cap at top and apply wherever you need it. It's designed to last a long time, so you won't have to stop and re-apply in the middle of use.

The lotion is rated as being 3/5 stars on the viscosity scale, so it's right in the middle. It's perfect lube to manage your stress any time you need to let off some steam!

This ero lotion is newly restocked!

Liquid Volume: 600ml

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