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We love it when Tamatoys flexes their muscles and brings us an amazing onahole. That's when we get with the new
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Japan has always had a tradition of describe the most perfect vagina through literature, using words like "mimizu senbon "(1000 wriggling worms) or "kazunoko tenjo" (herring roe roof). This deluxe onahole was designed with this tradition in mind, re-creating the perfect pussy for you as a Meiki ("legendary organ") toy!

The onahole is amazing, with large pussy lips that you can part with your fingers to reveal an amazing interior of rough grooves that will feel amazing for you. There's no pattern inside, and your member will be stimulated from all sides, the deeper you go.

The combination of Tamatoys releasing this toy under their TamaPremium label, and use of the word "Meiki" (which is reserved for only the best onaholes), tells you this is one toy you need in your collection!

The onahole is rated as 3/5 stars for stimulation, meaning it won't over-stimulate, 3/5 stars for firmness, and 3/5 stars for tightness.

This toy is made in Japan for maximum safety and quality in the Tamatoys-owned factory. Starter lotion is included in the sealed box. It has been manufactured in accordance with Japanese hygiene law no. 370, and the materials are 100% phylate-free.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

Length: 18cm (7.1in)
Weight: 530g (1.2lbs)

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