Sujiman Kupa Evolution - Otome no Chiniku

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We love the Sujiman Kupa! series of onaholes from Magic Eyes, and now there's a great improved version that's thicker and more realistic than ever, the Otome no Chiniku (Shameful Flesh of a Maiden)!
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The new Sujiman Kupa! Evolution -- Otome no Chiniku has it all a super sexy body made from the company's SafeSkin proprietary materials. Naturally the interior of the toy is accurately pink-colored and totally realistic, recreating the look and feel of a wet and ready vagina for you. As usual, we recommend Magic Eyes for our well-endowed customers looking for larger onaholes.

Inside are incredible grooves and bumps plus a tight zone in the middle. Because this is a "thicc" onahole, with a mind-boggling 650 grams of material around your member, it will feel much more realistic than smaller onaholes without the same thickness.

A bonus feature of this onahole is called biraman because her pussy lips actually stick out visably, just like they do in the real world sometimes, allowing for a more realistic sexual experience.

Made by Magic Eyes for maximum safety and quality, with excellent internal lotion.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

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SKU: AO970