Nakadashi OK Girl -- Kitsu Kitsu DX (Namanaka Transparent Onahole)

Shipping from Japan
To have a girl who doesn't mind letting us blow our jizz deep inside her bareback pussy, that is the true dream that men seek. And here's a new toy that makes it a reality!
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The Nakadashi OK Girl series from Natural High continues with a new series, representing a girl with a tight pussy who likes to let us touch anywhere we want, then shoot our loads inside her. The toy is semi-transparent, made of clear materials that let us see the action unfold if we look down, and specifically simulates a tighter girl with less experience.

The internal design is amazing, twisting this way and that, and since the materials are clear, we can see her uterus inside. At 390g, the weight is perfect, too.

The girl's data is provided for us too!

Name Azusa Toujo
Blood Type A
Birthday April 14 (Aries)
Three Sizes B86, W59, H87
Hobby Visiting candy shops and sampling their wares
Favorite Good Matcha Castella Cakes

Weight: 390g (0.9lbs)
Length: 16cm (6.3in)

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