Sujiman Kupa Rina - 10th Anniversary Ver.

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Magic Eyes releases the 10th Anniversary Edition of their ultra popular Sujiman Kupa Rina adult toy. A great stress relief toy that's very realistic.
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The Sujiman Kupa (the furst word means "vaginal musculature" and the second word is the onomatopoeia of a vagina opening) offers the best real sex experience, and now there's an amazing new 10th Anniversary Edition that's even better.

The toy features a dual-layer construction allowing you to enjoy the pink flesh of the girl inside, all around your cock, while touching her soft skin on the outside. The toy offers large, realistic labial lips on the outside along with a second pair of inner labial lips on the inside, which you can feel as you push inside her.

With 590 grams, this onahole has just the right amount of heft for a realistic feel. Made in Japan, starter lotion included in the box.

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