OK Girl in the Men's Bath (Transparent Onahole)

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The "OK Girl" onahole series from Natural High continues, this time giving us a great girl who seems to have wandered into the men's hot spring bath...but she doesn't mind having sex with you!
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The "OK Girl" series of well-engineered onaholes from Natural High continues, this time giving us a transparent "hard" experience that's just great the firmer materials are great for anyone who wants to get off quickly, as well as experienced onahole users who know that firmer ero toys work better for them, and since the toy is see-through, you can watch as you finish inside her!

The toy is great, featuring a slightly narrow opening and interior that stimulates you from several directions, twisting around like a corkscrew. There's a nice space at the back for you to shoot your load when you're ready! The toy is made to simulate girl-on-top sex but you can use it any way you like.

Inside this first printing package only get a QR code that lets you download an audio drama about the secret H you shared with the girl. Great for listening while you use the toy!

The toy comes with a proper character data and story!

Name Mayu Nishizaki
Height 146 cm
Birthdate November 28 (Sagittarius)
Blood Type O
Three Sizes bust 72, waist 55, ass 73
Club swimming
Favorite food chocolate parfait
Hobby cooking sweets and cakes

The story You're visiting on onsen hot spring to relax. Entering the men's bath, you see a naked girl. "Young lady, this is the men's bath!" you call out to her, but she just smiles, moving towards you and embracing you. "Wow, you've gotten so big, looking at my body," she says, while she rubs her wet slit along your shaft. Having a devilish girl appear suddenly and invite you to have sex with her is something you can't say no to...

Illustration by Chloe.

Length: 18cm (7.1in)
Weight: 280g (0.6lbs)

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