Compatibility Prologue

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What happens when two childhood friends start to another as something more?
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We hope you've seen your dentist recently, because artist Miyabi is partnering up with J18 Publishing for their first-ever English release... and it's tooth-achingly sweet. This is Compatibility Prologue, the story of two young adults exploring the boundaries of the relationship they've had their whole lives.

Reina and Y have known one another since they were in grade school. Now, they're the only teenagers living out in their part of the mountains, and have naturally grown very close. However, is there something more budding between them? Or is all they have merely a friendship of necessity? When Y learns the star of the school soccer team has a crush on Reina, he figures it's time to throw in the towel on pursuing his feelings... but will Reina let him?

J18 Publishing is proud to bring Miyabi's work to the English-speaking world for the first time. This extra-special 60-page full-color doujinshi marks the first time Miyabi's artwork has ever been printed, Japanese or otherwise! This gorgeous B5-size doujinshi is the ultimate find for any vanilla fan.

Pages: 60
Size: B5

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