Working Girls & HS Secret Accounts

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If you've ever wished you could see what straitlaced young women get up to when they're off the clock, this is the book for you!
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Mappaninatta and J18 Publishing are teaming up to bring you Working Girls and HS Secret Accounts! Balancing the pressures of being an upstanding citizen with sexual desires can be difficult, and this artbook-style doujinshi goes the extra mile to show us both sides of these young women!

From teachers to policewomen, convenience store employees to daycare workers, everyone needs to let off steam sometimes! Working Girls and HS Secret Accounts is dedicated to showing us the contrast between women when they're on the job and off the clock. Everyone's got a fetish behind closed doors, and these illustrations let us peep through the keyhole! The ampersand in the title teases even more content, showing what high school girls—all legal, of course—get up to once the bell rings. Compensated dating? Sex in the great outdoors? Lovey-dovey sex and orgies in love hotels? It's all on the table for these girls, and this book is your chance to get a glimpse of it yourself!

J18 Publishing and Mappaninatta are pleased to bring you this English edition of Working Girls and HS Secret Accounts. Presented in full-color, this physical B5-size volume preserves all the details of Mappaninatta's artwork that you've come to know and love… and for the first time, you can view their artwork without any censorship! The premise of this artbook is so tantilizing… Better snap one up now!

Size: B5
Pages: 52

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