VTuber -- Madarame Momiji

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Here's a really cool premium onahole from Tamatoys that simulates sex with ero Vtuber Madarame Momiji!
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Would you like to experience sex with a sexy ero Vtuber who's also a female ninja? Now you can, thanks to the Madarame Momiji official collaboration toy from Tamatoys!

The toy is really well made, with a long shaft made of the company's proprietary materials. Slide past her large labia and you will find yourself inside her, feeling the tight grooves and twists all around you. As you snake deeper and deeper inside, you won't last for long!

The onahole is rated as being 35 stars for firmness, so it's not too firm and not too soft, 45 stars for stimulation, so you'll finish quickly, and 45 stars for tightness, so you'll experience her tight pussy all around you.

This onahole is made in Japan for maximum safety and quality, starter lotion is inside the sealed box.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

Length: 17cm (6.7in)
Weight: 390g (0.9lbs)

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SKU: TMT1707