Sujiman Kupa Virgo – PREMIUM HARD

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The best onahole line from Japan is the Sujiman Kupa from Magic Eyes, and now there's a great updated version: the Sujiman Virgo PREMIUM HARD, a large and satisfying "hard" (firm) onahole.
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The legendary onahole line from Magic Eyes has been updated into a massively larger version that's even more thick and realistic, and it comes in "soft" and "hard" editions.

The new Sujiman Kupa Virgo is a massive 900 grams, and is made with three different materials an outer skin called Magic Eyes Skin, a soft inner material that accurately simulates the flesh of a cute girl, plus an accurately colored inner layer that provides both a visually pleasing experience as well as the closest thing to a pure girl's pussy we know of.

This is the PREMIUM HARD edition, a firmer toy that's recommended for more experienced onahole users who want to finish more quickly. Like all Magic Eyes onaholes, it's very large roomy, great for customers wanting a larger onahole experience!

Starter lotion is included in the box, and because of the size of this toy, you get a special holding tray to keep the toy from changing its shape due to gravity.

Length: 20cm (7.9in)
Weight: 900g (2lbs)

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