Shishunki Innocent Lotion (Puberty Innocent Lotion)

Shipping from Japan
This is a fun item from ero toy maker Notowa: the official lotion of the Shishunki Innocent (Puberty Innocent) onahole!
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The Shishunki Innocent is a popular onahole that J-List customers love, for its large size and accurate pink internal coloring. Now here's a large bottle of the official lotion to use with the onahole (or any onahole you like).

The bottle is large, with 370ml of high-quality water-based lube for you. There's a secure cap at the top, and an applicator for putting the lotion wherever you need it. The lotion is "non-wash" lotion, meaning you can wipe it with tissues rather than needing to wash with water.

The lotion itself has several features including arginine, maca extract and sodium hyaluronate, which can help with erections and to keep your skin supple.

The lotion is designed to not be sticky or make strings between your fingers, while accurately simulating a sexually excited JK for you!

This lube is made in Japan for maximum safety and quality.

This ero lotion is newly restocked!

Liquid Volume: 370ml

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