Saimin Seishidou - Yuu Nozaki YUUZIL

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Enjoy this awesome new Saimin Seishidou official hentai lotion, great for lubing up with your favorite onahole. This version recreates the scent of Yuu Nozaki!
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Enjoy the authentic scented shiru (juice) of your favorite Saimin Seishidou character with this new series of official hentai lotions that make your solo sex sessions even better by simulating the smell of your favorite girl. Each version features a unique scent!

This lotion is "slightly erotic middle type" meaning it's of middle viscosity, and won't be either too stringy nor need adding more lotion too quickly.

180 ml of lotion in the bottle, which has a secure cap to avoid spills. Made in Japan.

Ingredients Water, glycerin, PG, sodium polyacrylate, phenoxyethanol, EDTA-2Na, hydroxyethylcellulose

This ero lotion is newly restocked!

Volume: 180ml

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