Puni Puni Anal Beads

Shipping from Japan
This is a fun adult toy allowing you to experiment with anal beads in a safe way!
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This new adult toy from Tamatoys simulates anal beads, all while keeping you safe. The toy is a long wand with four beads on the top half, which you can have fun with inserting them into yourself, or that special person. Because the toy has a long handle, you won't get anything lost where it shouldn't be!

The beads are more narrow at the top and get slight wider the farther you go inside. The maximum width if 4 cm.

Please use common sense whenever inserting anything inside your body.

This adult toy is newly restocked!

Length: 20cm (7.9in)
Width: 4cm (1.6in)
Weight: 73g (0.2lbs)

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SKU: TMT1733